Education (ongoing)



This profile concerns the education of a person at its different levels.
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Use Cases

  • Record information on the career and activities of university staff members.


Among others, this profile contains the following classes:

Study (C2)

A person’s learning activitiy during a given time-span at a school, college or university. This class is modelled as a phase, i.e. as a set of coherent activities related to the general occupation of studying at one, and only one, education institution.
  • Person xy pursues studies in macroeconomics from 2008 to 2012.

Study title (C4)

This class comprises a title or degree that one receives after completing a course of study.
  • Bachelor degree
  • Master degree
  • PhD

Obtain a study title (C3)

The present class models the fact that a person succeeds in obtaining a study title or degree.
  • Person xy concludes its PhD in biology with Summa Cum Laude.